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ABOUT Inkshed

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When the outbreak of COVID-19 shut down most schools in Los Angeles, Inkshed’s in person lessons were temporarily halted. The lockdown forced most schools to adapt their lessons to a virtual format, and as many schools scrambled to re-organize, art lessons were often overlooked. 

Inkshed’s team of students created video lessons to share their passion for the art in this time of crisis. Meeting virtually and adapting the in-person curriculum to shorter virtual videos, the team put together plans for twenty-four online lessons, which are being added to the Inkshed YouTube chanel every month. The lessons are available to all students, everwhere.

This website was created to share Inkshed’s story, as well as the resources it has created. Inkshed is proud and happy to be sharing art with the world, and we hope that our lessons can be used to provide those beautiful “aha” moments to students everywhere.

The purpose of Inkshed is to spark a passion and love for the arts in elementary age students, especially those who have limited access to the arts in their school curriculum. A team of high school students from Harvard-Westlake School teach writing, music, art, and theater. They share their own passion for each subject, and aim to show students that anyone can be an artist at any age. Inkshed believes that the arts teach students to value and appreciate the beautiful world around them, as well as the beauty within themselves. More than anything, Inkshed aims to inspire students to perceive themselves as artists, always.

Inkshed was founded by Dottie Shayegan in August 2018. It was created with one goal: to share those rare, priceless, “aha” moments, those moments where you decide that writing, singing, acting, or painting is a part of you, those moments that make you an artist. Inkshed was created for all the students without art classes, music classes, creative writing classes, or theater classes. Inkshed was created to make those moments. 

Inkshed’s student team worked for a year to create a detailed sixth month art curriculum, composed of twenty-four lessons. Inkshed partnered with LA’s Best, an afterschool student enrichment program in Los Angeles, to teach the lessons at Rio Vista Elementary. The Inkshed team taught the lessons for several months.​


Inkshed Lessons

Below, find the Inkshed video lessons for writing, art, theater, and music. The lessons are designed to actively engage all students. Each lesson is filled with explanations and teaching, discussions, questions, interactive games, and learning prompts. Click any subject to watch the videos OR click here to go directly to the Inkshed YouTube chanel.